Escape to Ohadi

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A delightful story of the power of faith and good vs. evil, Escape to Ohadi takes you on a spiritual, suspenseful, tragic and joyful journey.

This is an original adventure story written for elementary children to adults about a group of forest animals and birds forced to escape from Nogero because of a violent volcano eruption. The protagonist, Saxic, the wolverine is given a vision about the impending disaster with guidance for all who heed his warning to flee to Ohadi. Some will join his team and be proactive in the arduous journey. Some will travel but complain and cause numerous problems. Some will refuse to heed the warnings altogether. Along the way the adventurers will be joined by two surprising characters stranded in the woods. The travelers will face adversity, enemies and challenges that test their mettle.

Crafted from 40 years of leadership experience, Daniel York crafts a captivating story embedded with lessons about leadership, character and why moral values and strengths matter. Success is achieved because teamwork was accomplished.

Paperback: 184 pages


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