Four Temperaments – Book

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by Martin Bobgan

Astrology & Personality Testing

Exposes popular pseudoscientific practices impacting the church today. Numerous Christians believe in and promote the four temperaments as a means of understanding human nature and behavior. The two most prolific promoters are Dr. Tim LaHaye and Florence Littauer. Their books and seminars have touched and influenced millions of Christians.

From the back cover:

  • The four temperaments, astrology, and personality testing–is there a connection?
  • Why are the four temperaments so poplar among Christians while they have all but disappeared from the field of psychology?
  • Do the four temperaments and other personality typologies give true insight into behavior?
  • Can knowing temperament and personality types foster Christian love and maturity?
  • Are there any biblically or scientifically established temperament or personality types?
  • Are personality inventories and tests valid ways of finding out about people?

This book answers those questions and more with biblical, historical, and research data.

Martin Bobgan holds four college degrees, including a doctorate from the University of Colorado, and is Vice President for Continuing Education at Santa Barbara City College. Deidre holds an M.A. in English from the University of California at Santa Barbara and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Other books they have written include: The Psychological Way/The Spiritual Way, Hypnosis and the Christian, How to Counsel From Scripture, Psychoheresy, Prophets of Psychoheresy, and 12 Steps to Destruction.

Table of Contents:

  1. Christians and the Four Temperaments
  2. Occult Origins of the Four Temperaments
  3. Astrology and the Four Temperaments
  4. Temperament Teachers
  5. Personality DiSCovery?
  6. A Circus of Personality Types
  7. Typology Problems
  8. Psychological Testing
  9. Personality Testing
  10. Popular Personality Tests
  11. Why All the Deception?
  12. Christ in You: the Hope of Glory

219 pages