Remote Control: The Power of Hollywood on Today’s Culture – Book

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Book by Carl Kerby

Few would dispute the fact that entertainment—or more specifically, the entertainment community—influences our society in a big way. But how many understand the pervasiveness of the evolutionary philosophy that runs through movies, television, and books?

Popular AiG speaker Carl Kerby has researched the impact of evolution on entertainment for more than a decade, and challenges audiences everywhere to understand and guard against the faith-challenging messages that permeate today’s entertainment. In this book, Kerby reveals segments from Hollywood films that in a multitude of ways promote the Darwinian worldview.

Godly parenting today requires a level of media awareness that previous generations did not have to confront. If you are only checking for a “G” or “PG” rating, you’re missing a whole other level of humanism and anti-Christian bias that quietly accompanies your entertainment choices.

Children and teens are fascinated by the examples that Kerby illustrates. Excellent to read and understand on your own, or plan a family night where you read a few of the examples, then watch them on DVD and openly discuss them together. You’ll be giving your household the ability to perceive and guard against messages that others aren’t even aware are there!

Also excellent for youth pastors, the parents of your children’s friends, grandparents and others.

Format: Softcover
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.5 in.
Pages: 116
Ages: 12 & up
Publisher: Master Books
Published: 2006