Witness Goes Out DVD

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Dramatic sequel to The Witness At Your Door. A lifelong Jehovah’s Witness finds freedom from the bondage of the Watchtower Society and in the process discovers the truth behind their stand on blood transfusions and their history of false prophecies.

Leo Stern was first featured as the militant elder in the video The Witness at Your Door, a dramatic presentation of how innocent people become involved with the Watchtower Society. In this exciting sequel, Elder Leo must face the painful truth of a life shipwreck on the rocks of misguided religious zeal and false teaching.

Can a life-long Jehovah’s Witness, hardened by heretical doctrines and beliefs, find freedom from the bondage of the Watchtower Society? Is it possible for someone like Leo Stern to open his heart to the Gospel and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?

The Witness Goes Out will help you learn how to effectively reach a Jehovah’s Witnesses with the Gospel of Christ. Discover the answers that can free a person from the Society’s secretive and beguiling teachings on Blood Transfusions… Disfellowshipping… Shunning… The Military… The “144,000”… The “Great Crowd” of Earthly Ones… and much more!