Gay Rights / Special Rights DVD

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In the early 90’s homosexuality was only 1% America’s population, yet our basic morality, constitutional values, and even our children are under constant attack. This indulgence oriented group was using legislative appeal to make “gays” an official state-protected minority group. Homosexuals are redefining the family and have demanded that the 1964 Civil Rights Act be amended to make “sexual preference” a constitutionally protected right!

This film investigates not only agenda of the “gay” movement, but also the dangers of their behavior. Why does an average gay male only live to the age of 38? Does it have to do with the choice of lifestyle? This film tackles tough subjects that are hardly ever brought up in the church or home. Understand the facts, the reality of the situation, before a dogmatic opinion is made whether for, or against the gay rights movement.
This film does not promote slander or hate, but rather brings attention to a controversial topic that has impact on every American citizen, regardless of gender, race, age …or sexual preference.

Produced in 1993
Run time : 40 minutes