Clinton Chronicles 2 DVD

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Twenty years after groundbreaking film The Clinton Chronicles shook the presidency and altered our history by being the notable and single most influential video in the impeachment of Bill Clinton, this long lost, never before seen, sequel is discovered during one of the most important elections in American history.
First-hand accounts on topics like drug smuggling, sexual perversion, rape, a political marriage, an eye on the Oval Office, and one of the most corrupt couples in American history; Nichols tells all and twenty years later, his predictions are terrifyingly accurate and enough to make anyone question who the real Hillary Clinton is and what does she want with our nation?

After being lost for almost 20 years, this film was suddenly recovered one month before the American elections that would decide if Hillary would be the first female President of the United States.
In never-before-seen interviews with Larry Nichols and former bodyguard Larry Patterson, the truth emerges.

Both Nicholson and Patterson give us a rare and honest view into the Clintons life behind closed doors, eyewitness accounts show that Hillary not only was fully aware of her husbands sexual addictions, but actively enabled him in his philandering! Nichols tells of Hillary’s ambitions to be President years before the public was aware of it, and warns us of the impending danger of another Clinton presidency.

This tell-all expose´ comes at the perfect time to warn the American voter of the terrifying candidate that is set before them.

You must watch this video presentation and send a copy to everyone you know that has a DVD player! The fate of our Nation relies on the public knowing the truth and doing the right thing.

Run time : 55 minutes