Dancing With The Devil – Book

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Until the church recognizes the real face of the occult, it cannot serve as a source of hope and love.

Its tentacles have infiltrated the very fiber of our day-to-day existence. Its symbols adorn our buildings, our currency, and the clothes and jewelry we lay upon our bodies. Its followers are legion, some of them blind to their own devotion while others pour out effort and intellect toward a broader understanding of the divine.

It is the occult, and it dominates the world’s faith mind-set. Jeff Harshbarger and his friends know about occult practices. Jeff left his life of Satanism after two unsuccessful suicide attempts and an offer to become his group’s first human sacrifice.

Dancing with the Devil tells the true stories of Jeff and others who have walked various paths of the occult. Each author’s account of his or her experience with the occult is introduced by Jeff as he ties their stories together, weaving a tapestry that, by the book’s close, shows the fabric of an occultist’s real identity.

Armed with stable faith and the sure love of Christ, they are stepping out to share a true look into the heart, mind, and soul of the occult and its followers.
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