The Evidence for Creation: Examining the Origin of Planet Earth – Book


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Book by G.S.McLean, Roger Oakland, Larry McLean

The subject of origins has been a controversial issue that has triggered heated debate between supporters of the two opposing views… Creation and Evolution. Evolutionists claim their beliefs are scientific and accurate, proclaiming their theory as an indisputable fact. Creationists maintain their perspective is logical and can be supported by the observable evidence.

Is it really possible to know which of these two models for origins is correct? “The Evidence For Creation” examines the fundamental principles of the Biblical creation model and tests them against the observable evidence.

Roger Oakland is an author/lecturer based in southern California. He travels and speaks internationally on the creation-evolution controversy and the New Age movement.

“Roger Oakland… an authority on the New Age movement and its dangers… presents all of his materials in a sound context of scientific Biblical creationism.”

Henry M. Morris, Ph.D – President, Institute for Creation Research

“(Roger Oakland) is extremely well informed on the subjects of creation versus evolution and the New Age movement. He has a timely and vital message that is very important for both believer and non-believer to hear.”

Duane T. Gish, Ph.D – Vice President, Institute for Creation Research

183 pages