SLAVERY, TERRORISM & ISLAM: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat – Book


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Book by Dr. Peter Hammond

Dr. Peter Hammond’s new book: SLAVERY, TERRORISM & ISLAM – The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat is a fascinating, well illustrated and thoroughly documented response to the relentless anti-Christian propaganda that has been generated by Muslim and Marxist groups and by Hollywood film makers. As Karl Marx declared: “The first battlefield is the re-writing of History!”

Slavery, Terrorism & Islam sets the record straight with chapters on “Muhammad, the Caliphas and Jihad”, “The Oppression of Women in Islam”, “The Sources of Islam” and “The Scourge of Slavery the Rest of the Story”. With over 200 pictures and 15 maps and charts, this book is richly illustrated. It consists of 16 chapters and 13 very helpful appendixes including demographic maps of the spread of Islam, a Glossary of Islamic Terms, a comparison of Muslim nations’ military spending vs. their national prosperity, a chart on how Jihad works depending on the percentage of Muslims in the population and guidelines for Muslim evangelism.

“Peter knows first hand the nature of the enemy the West is facing and exposes it brilliantly in his book in Islam. He begins by documenting the close relationship between Islam and slavery and then chapter by chapter reveals the terrible cost of thirteen centuries of Islamic invasion, conquest and brutilization. This is a book that every Christian should read and pass along to friends; and one that every home-schooling family should require as part of their children’s curriculum.”

Rev. Brian M. Abshire, Ph.D, International Institute for Christian Culture.

“Dr. Peter Hammond cuts through layers of misinformation and uncovers astonishing historical facts and details long buried by Islamic revisionist. You’ll find out their real agenda for tomorrow by discovering what they actually did yesterday – plus a field-tested plan of how to win Muslims to Christ.”

Rev Bill Bathman

“’Slavery, Terrorism and Islam’ is a well-researched account of historical events that impact directly on present developments. For the sake of this generation, and coming ones, someone had to do what Dr. Peter Hammond has just done; setting the record straight on the different role players in the slave trade.”

Rev. Fano Sibisi

“Thank you for the history book. Slavery, Terrorism and Islam is a powerful tool for Christian schools.”

Eugene Kalunga, Excellence Christian Acadamy, Zambia

“ The conflict between Islam and the rest of the world may dominate the headlines, define our foreign policy, and give new urgency to the day-to-day mission of our churches, but why that is the case is still not very well understood. It is for that reason that Frontline Fellowship has produced this vital new study of one of the most neglected aspects of Islam. Born out of the difficult experience of missionaries on the front lines of the battle for the soul of Africa. This book is designed to equip ordinary Christians from every walk of life to wisely and Scripturally minister in a world where the conflict between Islam and civilization is all too obvious.”

Dr. George Grant

“Slavery, Terrorism & Islam, is must reading to all those who want to find out the roots of the terrible Terrorism that is threatening global security. Slavery, Terrorism & Islam traces the roots of terrorism quite scientifically, and especially the roots of Quaran itself is very interesting. It will help and extensively educate the International community to understand this monster called Terrorism.”

Rev. Jeffreys Kayanga, Episcopal Church of Sudan

Slavery, Terrorism and Islam is an eye opening, positive and practical handbook to empower you to respond effectively to the challenge of Islam today.

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