The Evolution Conspiracy – Book


In this alarming expose, the authors show that the raging war between evolution and creation is not a battle between science and religion. It’s a battle between religion and religion – with social, moral, and eternal consequences for us and our children.

Every Christian family should read this book. Don’t send your children or grandchildren into the world without them having a solid understanding of creationism vs. evolution and how the “evolution conspiracy” has affected the world and even the church.


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Book by Roger Oakland & Caryl Matrisciana

221 pp

2016 Edition

Twenty five years ago Caryl Matrisciana and Roger Oakland came out with their co-authored book The Evolution Conspiracy. The book was published by Harvest House. While the creation/evolution debate was important back then, it is substantially more vital today. The western world’s push to have evolution taught in every public school and secular college has been successful, and unbeknownst to most, the effects of this invasion of evolutionary thinking have completely changed the morality and the spirituality of our present-day society. This new edition also includes an updated foreword by Dr. John Morris, President Emeritus of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR).


‘The “fruit” of evolutionary beliefs—abortion, promiscuity, drugs, homosexuality, etc.—is promoted at the expense of traditional values. And the logical extensions of scientific evolutionism—cosmic consciousness, occultism, New Age thinking—have taken an unwary and uneducated public (and church) by storm.

Christians and Christian churches everywhere are embracing evolution as God’s method of creation as they rush to endorse, accommodate, and adopt ungodly practices and thought to their own detriment. God’s people everywhere need to be called back to the truth before it is too late.

Others have written on such subjects before, but Caryl Matrisciana and Roger Oakland add a new dimension. Thier persistent sleuthing has uncovered many a connection between the occult and evolution that were previously undetected. Truly there is an evolutionary conspiracy, and it can no longer be ignored by God’s people.’—From the Foreword by Dr. John Morris (President Emeritus of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR)