Pop Culture Paganism DVD

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The world we live in is changing. Entertainment is evolving and so is the society we live in. Our taste in movies and TV shows reflects our current state of mind on a global scale. Why are vampires and witches such an enormous trend? This documentary explores an ever-growing hysteria focusing on the supernatural.

The 21st century is undoubtedly marked by such blockbuster hits as Harry Potter, and now the Twilight phenomenon, not to mention HBO’s wildly popular vampire series True Blood as well as the upcoming teen series Vampire Diaries. What are the ties, if any between our current infatuation with these otherworldly beings and the ancient beliefs of Paganism?

This film features interviews with occultic experts, as well as high-ranking witches, druids and an interview with a former vampire. With exclusive footage of real-life ceremonies from the heart of England, featuring druidic ceremonies from stonehenge and many witch covens, this film gives any viewer a comprehensive understanding of the roots and dangers of this newly branded strain of paganism: Neovampirism.

Produced by: Jeremiah Films
Run Time: 80 minutes