Dual Citizenship : The Christian and Politics



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Some Answer,  NO!  We Are Citizens Of A Heavenly Kingdom.  We Must Only Preach the Gospel.

Others Respond, Yes, Believers Must Bring The Values of Christianity to the Governments of their Nations.

As in all questions relating to the path Christians must take,
we must look for answers in the Bible.


The slim-line book,
Dual Citizenship, The Christian And Politics, seeks the Christian’s responsibility in secular government
from a Biblical perspective.
Most Christians would agree that throughout history, secular governments have done a fair to horrible job of reflecting biblical values. This question, of how much effort followers of Jesus Christ should expend in trying to bring Christian values into politics, is certainly not new.  However, in the United States this search is unique, since this nation came into being as a result of many faithful Christians seeking to establish freedom of worship through government.

The writings of the Founding Fathers of the USA all reflect a strong belief in God and they integrated into the whole structure of their documents and meetings the application of Biblical principles.
Were the Founding Fathers biblically right to
 mix religion & politics?
Have we Christians abandoned our legacy?
Should people hold elected officials accountable when they
lead nations in an unbiblical direction?

Can Christians be active in politics and
still be following Jesus’ command to preach the Gospel?
These vital questions and more are
addressed in the book, Dual Citizenship.
     76 pages     $4.95

Author PAT MATRISCIANA served as past district director in Campus Crusade and was a founding member of Athletes in Action.  Those experiences and his over twenty years in the Christian film industry allowed Pat to bring practical Biblical insights to the question of a Christian’s involvement in politics.

As a film maker, Matrisciana’s investigative documentaries cover subjects as diverse as Satanism and witchcraft to productions on the plight of the elderly.  Films produced by Matrisciana have been syndicated on over 450 broadcast stations and 1000 cable stations, and his videos are prominently displayed in more than 5000 bookstores across the United States.  Internationally, his productions have been viewed on every continent, and portions of his work have aired on major networks such as the BBC and ITV.  
     During the 90’s, Matrisciana’s videos, exposing  some of America’s political corruption greatly impacted the USA, if not the world.


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