THE NEW BARBARIANS Training Children To Kill DVD

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An Arab reporter asks 5 yr. old Muslim Boy,
“Do you want to be a martyr?” 5 yr. old replies, “Yes”.
Reporter probes, “Why?” Little boy says, “To kill the Jews”.

The 9/11 tragedy opened the eyes of Americans, and the whole world, to the shocking reality of the horrors of terrorism. How could 19 young Muslim zealots be prepared to commit suicide taking with them more than 3000 innocent lives in a matter of hours?

The subject of this unique video is the terrifying result of a volatile combustion of religious ideology and political fervor as it today merges into a frightening influence over millions of young Muslims worldwide. Much of the footage in this video is a sampling from hundreds of hours of actual footage off Arab TV taken from children’s programming, cartoons and news footage which continues to daily condition and incite the masses towards hatred and violence.

This video combines the experience of Caryl Matrisciana, an internationally recognized authority on world religions and the mind-warping techniques of powerful cult leaders, and the talents of courageous French cameraman Pierre Rehov – who has been arrested by Palestinian Police in Bethlehem for his undercover filming. In association they provide a cutting edge video journalistic piece which exposes some of the gruesome aspects of brainwashing on an entire generation of young Muslims.

In light of ongoing terrorism, a world resurgence of Islam and the global trend of growing fanatic hatred towards Jews and Christians, this video is must viewing for all who want to be informed by honest journalism and not media bias.

If we care about our future we need to be informed of the present.


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